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One Step Taxes in Snellville, GA is your local choice for yearly income taxes; our team of tax experts are here to help you.

With 25 years of experience, One Step Taxes can help you file your tax return – securely and safely. We’ll help ease your worries during tax season so you can focus on what matters.

Taxes for Personal & Small Businesses

Whether you’re an individual, a family of six, or a small local business, our team is dedicated to help you out.


We’ll help you gather the materials necessary for your personal, family, or small business income tax return.

Just provide us the documentation that’s needed to complete your tax return and we will relive you of the stress of filing accurately and timely.


While we prepare your income tax documentation, we may have questions. Stay available while we prepare your tax return – being able to answer any questions quickly means a much smoother process for you and your family or business.


We’ll send your tax documentation off for you and notify you when your return has been received and accepted

Safe & Secure

Our income tax specialists treat your personal information with the utmost respect. You can rely on our confidential, safe process while we process and file your tax return.

Timely & Accurate

We take our time so that all of the details are just right, but are experienced enough to do all of this in rapid fashion. With One Step Taxes, your return will be filed accurately & on time.

Get the Tax Refund You Deserve

Don’t miss a single deduction, credit, or exemption this year! It’s your money, after all. Contact One Step Taxes’ team of professional tax agents today!

Chat With a Tax Expert Today

Are you ready to get in touch with an income tax professional in the Snellville, GA area? One Step Taxes is here to help you navigate tax season – let us take the stress out of it!

Contact our office today to start chatting about this year’s taxes. We can help with your personal taxes, family taxes, or even your small business taxes.